Founder, Shilpalaya Associates

An Architect by qualification and passion, Mr Jayakiran heads the design & operations of Shilpalaya Associates. Since his Bachelors in Architecture in 1999, he has closely been associated with the changing phase of architecture in the major cities in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana . Alongside his own personal traits, being a 2nd generation architect in the family adds volumes to his insight in space building . With an expertise of efficient space planning and visually engaging architecture, Mr.Jayakiran’s vision on a project becomes pivotal during the briefing of the project. His sense of business viability and socio-economical

About us

Shilpalaya Associates (SA) is an architectural firm based out of Hyderabad, India. 

Since inception in 1998 Shilpalaya has been inclined towards contributing to the field of architecture & design through innovation and creativity. SA actively indulges in architectural, interior, landscape and urban design PAN India.

We at Shilpalaya take pride in following :

  • Easing the experience of design & construction for all the stakeholders andusers of the project through efficient practice
  • Deep and accurate understanding of spatial requirements put across by clients
  • Effective space planning as a responsible solution to rocketing real estate costs
  • Competent in providing a construction-friendly services
  • Over 20years of design knowledge to provide harmonious integration of various allied services 
  • Development of design through a contextual understanding of socio-economic limits & impacts



At Shilpalaya we encompass overdesign typology for buildings. Shilpalaya puts Architectural intervention forward in every stage of the design process. It makes our spaces evolve innovation

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Space is an ever flowing phenomenon. Its character is influenced by what contains it more than what it contains. For us at Shilpalaya Associates, Interior Design is just this; architectural spaces that are captive by walls of a building. The approach to designing it starts by understanding the people that engage with these spaces.

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Designing Retail Interiors since over a decade now, Shilpalaya Associates has the top merchandise & retail brands working for . Merchandise spaces in India need the necessary styling to build the brand identity . Be it dramatisation or a simple minimalistic approach, to do what is needed for the brand identity and the brand UX is the top goal in the approach. 

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