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Space is an ever flowing phenomenon. Its character is influenced by what contains it more than what it contains. For us at Shilpalaya Associates, Interior Design is just this; architectural spaces that are captive by walls of a building. The approach to designing it starts by understanding the people that engage with these spaces.

Office & Residential

Every design is started with an intent to not only engage visually & physically but also to realise them . Thus elements such as material & techniques are adopted that suit the monetary bracket of the project. This enables the process of executing it more accurately & thoughtfully.

With the power of visualisation advancing in every creative field, Shilpalaya Associates also takes advantage of modern computing to visualise the spaces we design. With this done in-house, the power of visualisation comes with the responsibility of making them as honest as possible. The interior design visualisations are artistic visualisations, but closely watched for doability. 


Designing Retail Interiors for over a decade now, Shilpalaya Associates has the top merchandise & retail brands working for . Merchandise spaces in India need the necessary styling to build the brand identity . Be it dramatisation or a simple minimalistic approach, to do what is needed for the brand identity and the brand UX is the top goal in the approach. 

Design of retail & merchandise spaces do not limit to the interiors often. The architecture, least the facade, are attributed to the scope of design as the user experience is accounted for on the whole. Shilpalaya Associates contributes to designing one of the biggest merchandise chain of stores in South India.